7 Tips for Tackling Holiday Renovation Projects

Happy Holidays Calgary! 

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Are you planning a holiday design, renovation or building project?

The holidays can be a great opportunity to get some work done on and around your home, and for planning that design, renovation or that next big renovation project.

Whether you’re

  • kicking off a renovation or building project,
  • tackling one part of it, or
  • doing a job like painting or landscaping,

… then it can be quite exciting to know you’ll have this chunk of time to sink your teeth into it!

So, if you’re planning some work on your place over the holidays, we want to share with you some tips, because NOW is the time to get ready!

Tip #1: Check who else will be on holidays

So you don’t have to scramble for suppliers or tradespeople mid-project.

Tip #2: Make room for some holiday time

Don’t wear yourself out so much on getting your project done that you forget to actually relax in your holiday.

Tip #3: Work towards the big picture

You’ll be better served ensuring that all of the work you’re doing on your project is a part of a bigger vision – rather than having to undo the work down the road if you change one aspect.

Tip #4: Tick all the boxes

Don’t forget to do things legally so you don’t get into trouble with the city of Calgary approvals, rules and regulations.

Tip #5: Plan what you’ll get through – and be realistic

Create a plan of how much you can actually get through, so you don’t finish your holiday with a half-done job! (Notable is always upfront and honest about project timelines!)

Tip #6: Make the most of it, while it’s still just on paper

When your home renovation or new build is still lines on a page, you have a precious window of opportunity to be sure you’ve got it right – before all those lines become permanent choices you have to live with.

Tip #7: Be patient – and look for the silver lining

Can’t get done what you want to? Look for other opportunities in your project. Look for other tasks you can do, and get yourself super prepared for future ones. You’ll save time, money and stress in the long run.

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