5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2019

We can finally say it Calgary – summer is coming! with an average of 300 days of sun a year, we know there’s no better place to enjoy the hot summer sun than your patio or backyard. Outdoor living is continuing to evolve, with more options than ever to enjoy your outdoor oasis. With that, we’ve put together a collection of outdoor living trends for 2019. We are an experienced residential and commercial builder, and love to construct outdoor spaces in the the warmer months for our clients. As always, the most important factor to consider when planning a new renovation project is finding a contractor you trust! Notable Building Group is a Calgary renovation company that will always work transparently with their clients. Notable will help guide you through all of the details of your home or business renovation project, so you can be confident that you’re in great hands!

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Time’s up on outdated pressure treated wooden rectangular decks.  There are plenty of beautiful homes with a builder’s deck on the back, and homeowners just don’t want to deal with them anymore!  Not only are builder’s decks simply unattractive, but their style isn’t cohesive with the home, the maintenance is too much for what it’s worth, they are typically too small for the needs of the family and don’t provide any shade.  This is where you will find value in speaking with a landscape designer.  A good designer will listen to your needs/likes/dislikes and create an outdoor plan that fits your home, family and lifestyle.  Custom decks can incorporate ample room for all planned family activities, as well as unique style.  Curved, cantilevered, ground-hugging, elevated, seamless transition, built-in seating, incorporated gas fire-pits…the possibilities are endless.

The same can be said for a custom overhead roof system.  Those who struggle with big-box store cabanas, portable metal pavilions or cumbersome outdoor umbrellas can attest that their price tag doesn’t always justify their longevity.  One good wind storm can be the end to the only shade structure in the backyard!  No matter what type of roofline your home has, a custom patio or deck roof can be incorporated.  Hybrid roof systems can be created to take existing home skylights or changing rooflines into account.  The landscape designer you hire should be able to use their creativity to provide a permanent shade system to give your family respite during the hot summer days and the pop-up sun showers, all while the new structures are cohesive and look as if they were originally built with the home.  Maximizing a client’s enjoyment of their outdoor space is very important, and home and family specific custom features are one way to do so!


Speaking of being cohesive and maximizing outdoor enjoyment, we feel that more homeowners will find the value of outdoor connectivity in the new year.  For most, there are already features in the backyard that they enjoy but could be better; for example, a swimming pool that seems too far away, a walkout basement with french doors that lead to nowhere or even lack of connection from the driveway to the backyard.  Having existing features that are disconnected or feel incomplete can put a damper on complete outdoor enjoyment rather quickly.  Hiring a contractor like Notable to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together with an integrated comprehensive plan is the perfect solution.  Being able to implement new decks, patios, walkways, lighting and landscaping to bring a disjointed outdoor living space together is worth the time it takes to go through the design process to discover the true potential of the outdoor space!


It’s true that outdoor kitchens aren’t anything new, but the way homeowners are using this space is!  Outdoor kitchens will continue to mature in 2019 by implementing specific appliances and bringing all of the comforts of inside the home, out.  We will see a continued incorporation of grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators, sinks and storage but predict the growing popularity of unique features like ice makers, wine coolers, kegerators, smokers, dishwashers, outdoor cabinetry, oversized kitchen islands, bar displays…etc.  Having the experience of a complete outdoor kitchen avoids the need to run inside for things forgotten or to bring plates and utensils outdoors…there will be a space and place for everything needed to prepare and enjoy delectable meals all the same!  If the hardest decision to make is which keg wins the inaugural tap, we consider that a good day.


While each outdoor living space typically has a feature that unintentionally stands out as a point of interest, we surmise that deliberately planned focal points will make a resurgence in outdoor living.  Each backyard is truly unique, so this will be an ever-evolving feature, but something to catch the eye or be a conversation piece is sure to be in demand.  Perhaps popular focal points will take the shape of a life-size basalt rock water feature highlighted with soft uplighting, a custom wrought iron statuette, die cut feature wall or possibly a unique twist on a structural element like a floating deck cantilever or a passthrough fireplace…have these limitless possibilities sparked your interest yet?!


Last, but certainly not least, the gift of outdoor heat!  Clients that absolutely love spending time outdoors say that they prefer to enjoy their outdoor living spaces for as much as they can, that is, until it gets too cold to be called enjoyable.  This is where we predict that the demand for outdoor heaters that fit within the living space will become more prevalent.   Of course, homeowners can enjoy countless hours sitting around a fire pit or nestled up close in front of their romantic outdoor fireplace, but what about those who can’t seem to sit still?  The simplest way to achieve outdoor warmth would be to purchase outdoor propane-fueled patio heaters, you know, the kind you may find on the patio of your favorite restaurant.  However, for those who prefer not to sacrifice floor space, we recommend exploring the option of Bromic heating.  Whether gas or electric heaters make sense for the space, creating a wall of heat will guarantee extended outdoor living enjoyment through the year.

Your oasis is waiting!

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7 Tips for Tackling Holiday Renovation Projects

Happy Holidays Calgary! 

The most important factor to consider when planning a new renovation project is finding a contractor you trust! Notable Building Group is a Calgary renovation company that will always work transparently with their clients. Notable will help guide you through all of the details of your home or business renovation project, so you can be confident that you’re in great hands!

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Are you planning a holiday design, renovation or building project?

The holidays can be a great opportunity to get some work done on and around your home, and for planning that design, renovation or that next big renovation project.

Whether you’re

  • kicking off a renovation or building project,
  • tackling one part of it, or
  • doing a job like painting or landscaping,

… then it can be quite exciting to know you’ll have this chunk of time to sink your teeth into it!

So, if you’re planning some work on your place over the holidays, we want to share with you some tips, because NOW is the time to get ready!

Tip #1: Check who else will be on holidays

So you don’t have to scramble for suppliers or tradespeople mid-project.

Tip #2: Make room for some holiday time

Don’t wear yourself out so much on getting your project done that you forget to actually relax in your holiday.

Tip #3: Work towards the big picture

You’ll be better served ensuring that all of the work you’re doing on your project is a part of a bigger vision – rather than having to undo the work down the road if you change one aspect.

Tip #4: Tick all the boxes

Don’t forget to do things legally so you don’t get into trouble with the city of Calgary approvals, rules and regulations.

Tip #5: Plan what you’ll get through – and be realistic

Create a plan of how much you can actually get through, so you don’t finish your holiday with a half-done job! (Notable is always upfront and honest about project timelines!)

Tip #6: Make the most of it, while it’s still just on paper

When your home renovation or new build is still lines on a page, you have a precious window of opportunity to be sure you’ve got it right – before all those lines become permanent choices you have to live with.

Tip #7: Be patient – and look for the silver lining

Can’t get done what you want to? Look for other opportunities in your project. Look for other tasks you can do, and get yourself super prepared for future ones. You’ll save time, money and stress in the long run.

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Happy Halloween: How To Survive Home Renovation Without Killing Your Spouse

Before we get started…

Be warned, the story below is a frightening tale straight from your renovation nightmares… The bickering, indecisiveness, disagreements, budget-blow ups; all things that could effect your next project. But home improvement projects don’t have to induce murderous rage! All of these problems can be avoided by simply hiring a trusted Calgary renovation company. Notable Building Group will always work transparently with their clients in Calgary, helping guide you through the difficult choices and hiccups that can plague your project, and lead to spousal “home”–a-cide… (Notable Building Group only supports violence against dysfunctional and outdated rooms in your home or business).

Happy Halloween Calgary! 

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On the whole, my husband and I are pretty handy and, in the 17 years we’ve been married, we’ve taken on a variety of house projects with nary an issue. Well, mostly. We still don’t really talk about the Great Crown Molding Caper of 2006 because, it did not go well. The two of us are bona fide HGTV junkies and have to stop ourselves short of narrating to invisible cameras about our purchases when we troll the aisles of home improvement stores. We can spackle, we can paint, and we can use a laser level like Bob Villa.

But, when we decided to put an addition on our home, we decided it was best to leave it to the professionals (like a trusted Calgary renovation company…). Mostly because we hoped to still be married by the end of the project.

“only going to take six weeks”

When we told our friends we were adding on to our house, friends who’d survived home builds and similar renovations would eye us warily and raise their eyebrows. They’d quietly nod as we excitedly detailed our plans and they looked at each other knowingly when we said stupid things like, “It’s only going to take six weeks!” and “The contractor came in way under budget!” Just before we broke ground on our project, a friend who has survived a total gut job of an older house and a custom home build of a second house, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Good luck. Godspeed. Call me when you decide you are leaving your husband.” I nervously giggled because her statement unnerved me.  I mean, construction wasn’t going to be thatbad, was it?

It was worse. Way worse.

The construction project that was “only going to take six weeks” took 10 months. Ten months. And that doesn’t include the four months of planning and the two months of permitting nightmares. Sixteen months and one finally finished construction project later, I have learned some things about marriage and construction. If you are planning a major renovation or a custom home build, I beseech you to heed my advice. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

1. Look at your budget closely. And then add a bajillion dollars.

Construction ain’t cheap and even the most frugal bargain shoppers will find that hidden construction costs can be shocking. In addition to cost overages and additional labor expenses, it’s very easy to ring up the charges because home improvement stores and design centers make it very easy to want to upgrade. Recognize that your partner is going to be swayed by the very shiny six burner stove or that you will suddenly fall in love with a chandelier that belongs in a Rockefeller mansion. Decide beforehand on what areas you have wiggle room to splurge and be firm with each other. Doing so will make it easier to hear your partner say no when you are arguing over the hand scraped Brazilian hardwood floor that is way out of your price range.

2. Chip and Joanna can’t possibly be that happy.

The biggest shocker of our construction project was how much we argued and bickered over the tiniest of issues. We had no way of knowing that we’d both feel strongly about everything from light fixtures to paint choices to the gutter colors. If you are considering doing a major renovation to your home, have a conversation well before the project starts about the styles, choices, and visions you have for the finished project. Be clear and honest up front because when you have to make a quick choice when your partner isn’t around, it’ll save you from having an epic screaming match about roofing in front of your neighbors later on. Trust me.

3. Always give in because no one wins at drywall.

I don’t know what it was about having construction ongoing in my yard but something made me feel like I wanted to “win” at making the design choices. If my husband said beige, I said eggshell. If he said oil rubbed bronze, I said polished nickel. And, you know what? None of it mattered. Seriously, the finished project would have been beautiful either way, and frankly, it’s not worth digging your heels in over glass tile that has been hand glazed in Italy by the Pope. If your partner really wants to add a design choice, just give in and let them choose the color. You can always tell everyone for infinity that your husband chose that god-awful wallpaper.

4. The SAHP always wins the “Who’s Day Was Worse?” game.

My husband works outside of the house and, though I have the luxury of working from home, that luxury quickly turned into a nightmare as we endured months of construction. Constant interruptions, incessant noise, foul language emitting from the job site, and other interferences with daily life are the norm with construction. If you are the partner who gets to leave the madness, you should consider yourself lucky. You should also show up daily with flowers for your stay-at-home counterpart. The SAHP bears the brunt of the construction hellishness and they get to win the “my day was so chaotic and now I have a headache and you had better have brought home takeout because I can’t even” war at the end of the day. Period. No exceptions.

5. “The Money Pit” movie happy ending really does happen.

Remember The Money Pit with Tom Hanks? It’s the one where he completely guts a mansion while Shelley Long screeches at him during various house catastrophes and they almost get a divorce. Yeah, that movie isn’t too far off from reality, but not for the reasons that you think. Eventually, the dust settles, the workers go home, and you’ll no longer have a Porta-Potty in your yard. And you really do have that moment when the arguments over garage door stain colors, crown molding, and outlets melt away as you stand next to each other and marvel at what you were able to accomplish together. Just like the part where Tom and Shelley admire their gorgeous staircase and decide to get married, you will remember that you don’t hate you partner because of his obsession with smart home technology and his poor eye for color.

Construction is definitely stressful and can tax even the happiest of marriages, but thankfully, it’s not a way of life. The key is to let those arguments stay in the past and move forward in enjoying your new space.

Unless he picked the ugly wallpaper. You can argue about that forever.

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